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Thousands of candles can be lighted with a single candle, and the life of the candle is not shortened.

Ever since our foundation back in 2000, we at DIMOCO have believed in talents, goals and personal achievements. Values that have made our phenomenal growth possible.
It all started over 20 years ago as a small family-run business, which then grew into to a recognized global messaging and payment provider, realizing the dream of two brothers who started with not much more than a goal and a vision.
We are proud that many talents have grown their professional career at DIMOCO over the years during our growth. Our success makes it possible to help the athletes we sponsor to pursue their sports career and passion.

Michael Kratzer DIMOCO Europe Racing Team

October 2022: Michael Kratzer wins his fifth Austrian motocross champion title

With his second MX OPEN state championship title, Michael Kratzer was able to repeat his previous year's success. The 28-year-old was once again crowned state champion in the premier class at the motocross finals. With the MX OPEN state championship title in 2022, he wins his 5 championship titles in Austrian motocross sport (youth champion 2009, junior state champion 2010, MX 2 state champion 2014, MX OPEN state champion 2021 and 2022) and is again in the Dimoco Europe Racing Team this season.

DIMOCO is sponsor of judoka Lukas Reiter

October 2022: Lukas Reiter successfully defends title after injury

In his first competition after his most serious injury and knee operation he defended his title and won all four of his fights. With this success he secures his fifth state championship title in the general class and the eleventh in his career.

Proud Sponsor DIMOCO

October 2021: Lukas Reiter wins 10th Austrian Judo championship title

Austrian Judoka Lukas Reiter – whom DIMOCO sponsors – won all his fights at the Austrian championship by “Ippon” in the class up to 73kg at the Austrian state championship. Ippon is the highest score a fighter can achieve in Japanese martial arts, including, judo or karate.

Michael Kratzer wins Austrian motor cross championship title 2021

October 2021: Michael Kratzer wins Austrian motor cross championship title

The achievement of a strong pole position, the fastest race lap and two great race victories crowned the Austrian Michael Kratzer  Austrian state champion in the top motor cross class “MX OPEN”. The DIMOCO Racing Team driver won four races this year and is therefore already the champion in 2021, with a total of 174 points.

May 2020: Harald Bierbaumer triumphant at RAN (Race around Niederösterreich)

In this race the athlete faced the solo challenge. However, an ultra-bike race is not an individual sport, but can only be mastered with the help of a team and DIMOCO was delighted to support by being a sponsor. After 25 hours and 13 minutes on his bike – only interrupted twice by a 10-minute power nap – and through all types of weather from sun to sleet showers as well as low temperatures around 1° he finally crossed the finish line.

Lukas Reiter sponsored by DIMOCO

October 2020: Judoka Lukas Reiter scored 7th place in Grand Slam Budapest tournament

Did you know that a Grand Slam competition class is only exceeded by the Olympics and the World Cup? Lukas sustained a back injury in the first fight and was only able to continue with painkillers, which makes his performance all the more remarkable. This outstanding achievement marks one of his highlights in his outstanding sports-career

Lukas Reiter sponsored by DIMOCO

October 2020: Judoka Lukas Reiter is Austrian State Campion 2020

On the first day of the Austrian state championships in the general class, under the strictest COVID 19 safety requirements, the Olympic team athlete Lukas Reiter was able to put himself in the limelight. The class up to 73 kg was heavily occupied by several national team athletes of the Austrian Judo Association and was certainly the hardest contested weight class in the first block of this event. Congratulations to the DIMOCO golden boy Lukas Reiter!

DIMOCO Cycling Team

August 2020: DIMOCO Cycling Team finishes toughest European bike race

One year of planning and preparation, heat and headwinds in Lower Austria and Burgenland, storms in Styria, incredibly steep climbs in western Austria. Numerous challenges had to be mastered as a team during the four “Race Around Austria” days. We are particularly proud that our sponsored athletes were among the finishers, given a drop out rate of 50% in the category two-persons team in 2019. Congratulations on this simply outstanding performance!

Gerlad Tauchner with Lukas Reiter.

July 2020: a great performance is always worth while

Due to the fabulous sportive achievements based on the incredible discipline and hard training the judoka Lukas Reiter has shown, DIMOCO extended its sponsorship agreement to July 2021. Gerald Tauchner was delighted to share the good news with the young athlete.

Harry Bierbaumer DIMOCO sponsor 2020

March 2020: no pain, no gain – preparation for the Race Around Austria

Harald Bierbaumer and Armin Bieber managed to kick in a training week in Spain in preparation for their participation in the “Race Around Austria” in August 2020 just before the Covid-19 lockdown struck. They will tackle 2,200 km around Austrian, overcoming 33,000 m difference in altitude, all in 3.5 days and we from DIMOCO will support their top athletic performance. Feeling the challenge?

Gerald Tauchner with Lukas Reiter

August 2019: a proud CEO welcomes a proud athlete

After Lukas returned form the Minsk European Open 2018, he visited DIMOCO to meet Gerald Tauchner and present his medal. We at DIMOCO have won numerous awards for Direct Carrier Billing achievements but admittedly it has been the first sports medal we’ve been proud to welcome in our office!

July 2019: Lukas Reiter triumphs in Minsk. Olympics 2020 – here we come!

We are thrilled to share that the Austrian judoka Lukas Reiter and his team scored a bronze medal at the Minsk European Open 2018 tournament. The then 23-year old took a huge step towards the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo as the mixed team competition will also be held at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Harry Bierbaumer 2018

December 2018: Harald Bierbaumer completes IRONMAN

Harald Bierbaumer, a family father with a demanding career and a triathlete whom DIMOCO sponsors, trains every day three to four hours. Yes, every day, if the day hasn’t enough hours then at night. In December 2018 he took the ultimate challenge and participated the IRONMAN 70.3 Bahrain, a 1.9 km swim, a 90 km bike ride and a 21.1 km run.

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