DIMOCO PSP provides comprehensive overview on upcoming Visa program

Vienna – 26 March 2018 – Visa has already rolled out its Visa Claims Resolution (VSR) project in Hong Kong and New Zealand in 2017 and these new chargeback rules will apply to all remaining countries from 15 April 2018 onwards.

In DIMOCO’s continuous effort to differentiate itself from other payment service providers through its personal service, the company issues a White Paper highlighting and explaining the main changes and recommending actions to reduce chargebacks, backed with personal assistance, aiming to enable companies a smooth and optimal transaction.

Download White Paper Visa Chargeback Rules


DIMOCO Payment Services is a Payment Service Provider (PSP) processing global payments, including credit cards, online bank transfers and SEPA direct debit for online merchants, offering a combination of payment methods, tailored industry-specific solutions, transaction risk management tools and flexible value added services.

Information on license: DIMOCO Payment Services is a financial institution and has been granted a ZaDiG License under Point 7 of the Annex to EU Payment Service Directive (2007/64/EC)


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Boris Kersten, Managing Director at DIMOCO Payment Services, speaks on his promise to optimize Risk & Fraud

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