Electromobility – charge electricity and pay by mobile phone bill


  • New payment system at the charging station for o2, Vodafone and Telekom customers
  • Fast and easy payment without a charge card or app
  • No registration or entry of sensitive bank details necessary

Vienna, December 7th, 2021
 – Customers with a mobile phone contract from o2, Vodafone and Telekom can charge electricity using their mobile phone bill. The payment institute DIMOCO, together with the three major mobile network operators, offers the payment system to all charging station operators in Germany as a payment option. “Charging electricity and paying by mobile phone bill is a quick and easy way to charge your electric car independently of charging cards and charging apps,” says Loukas Louka, Managing Director of DIMOCO. All you need is a smartphone and an existing cell phone contract. This eliminates the annoying search for the right card or app. “Another advantage is the range”, Louka continues, “almost everyone has the payment system in their pocket with their smartphone.”

Automatic verification of the mobile phone number means that manual entry of payment information is no longer necessary. The end customer is guided through the buying process faster and easier. There are two payment options. Either by scanning a QR code or by sending an SMS. The purchase amount will then be shown and billed on the next mobile phone bill.

The Bundesverband eMobilität eV (BEM) also welcomes the new, uncomplicated payment method. “We are always happy about new products which, by reducing complexity, increase the acceptance of electromobility,” says BEM board member Markus Emmert. The legislature has also recognized that the jumble of different charging cards and apps has created a customer-unfriendly market situation, and will intervene with the charging station ordinance (LSV) from July 1, 2023. From this point onwards, only charging stations with a physical card terminal may be set up in Germany. This means that charging processes can be paid for with common EC or credit cards. Markus Emmert: “For existing charging stations that cannot be retrofitted with a card terminal, the option to pay by mobile phone bill is particularly suitable. In doing so, they are complying with the will of the legislature for uncomplicated, contract-independent charging. ”

The example of Hamburg shows that charging electricity and paying by mobile phone bill is enjoying growing acceptance. The local electricity supplier Stromnetz Hamburg GmbH has been using the payment system at around 600 charging stations since 2020. Björn Osterkamp, ​​Innovationsmanagement Stromnetz Hamburg: “As charging point operators for the city of Hamburg, we want to give electric car drivers the simplest possible direct payment method without downloading an app. The payment system is a very low-threshold and, above all, very well accepted payment option here in Hamburg, especially for the spontaneous / ad-hoc loader sector. ”


DIMOCO Carrier Billing GmbH, founded in 2000, is a payment institution licensed by the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) with headquarters in Vienna and branches in Germany, Italy, Hungary, Greece, Liechtenstein and Spain. Together with the German mobile network operators o2, Telekom and Vodafone, we guarantee the highest security standards.
As a proven partner of international mobile network operators, DIMOCO enables over 1.5 billion people around the world to pay for goods and services from retailers via their mobile phone bills.

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Markus Emmert, Board Member, Bundesverband eMobilität eV (BEM)
Loukas Louka , Managing Director, DIMOCO Carrier Billing

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