Vienna, March 30, 2021 – Secure payments via instant banking. Payment Service Provider (PSP) DIMOCO and SignD are now offering an unprecedented payment solution as a joint Payments Initiation Service Provider (PISP), with which online merchants can execute payment transactions with a fully customizable white label solution.

Practically everyone in the EU has a bank account, this also far exceeds credit card penetration, which is why bank transfer is one of the most widely used payment methods.
Under the payment service guideline PSD2, regulated third-party payment service providers, so-called Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISP), can initiate payments directly from the customers’ bank accounts, so that these payments are carried out directly via the website on which they are shopping.
Open banking PISPs initiate and execute a payment process on behalf of an online merchant at an unprecedented and secure level, for both merchants and customers.

Safe and seamless

The UX is unparalleled. Buyers can not only pay via their bank account without leaving the website of the online shop, online retailers can also brand this payment option individually.

“A consistent user flow enables a higher conversion rate and more sales. Online shops cannot grow profitably and stand out from the competition if the entire purchasing process is not optimized for conversion, ”says David Müller-Ratajczak, Head of Sales & Marketing at DIMOCO Payment Services.

“Low costs and fraud risks, no chargebacks and an instant settlement process are a turnkey solution made possible by integrating a simple SDK into mobile apps or a customizable widget for websites,” says Bernhard Reiterer, founder and CEO of SignD. “The dealer fees are significantly lower as there are fewer third parties involved. As we offer one of the most promising services in terms of ease of use for payment service users, I am confident that our solution will provide merchants with lasting benefits. ”

The bank-independent solution is connected via more than 8000 bank APIs and thus with 90 percent of the banks in the DA-CH area and 80 percent of the banks in the EU.

DIMOCO Payment Services

DIMOCO Payment Services is a Payment Service Provider (PSP) is a payment institution licensed by the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) and automatically handles payment processes as a service.
DIMOCO acts as a comprehensive partner and enables customers to pay on the website of online shops, at any time and from anywhere in the world.


SignD combines the best PSD2 technologies into a seamless service with a consistent user interface.
Our design is neutral and can be adapted to any corporate design. Regardless of the variety of underlying components, the user flow for your customers will always be a UX.

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