Boris Kersten, Managing Director at DIMOCO Payment Services, speaks on his promise to optimize Risk & Fraud

Agreed, there are many Payment Service Providers (PSPs) out there, one may occasionally be tempted to think a few too many, with modern portals running hundreds or even thousands of transactions every day, leaving many e-commerce merchants wondering

which PSP should I choose?
how can I reduce fraudulent activity?

So what can DIMOCO Payment Services promise that other PSPs can’t? The answer is “us”, our gist, as our team doesn’t solely rely and trust on a computer to monitor and improve a business. This possibility to differ from most PSPs out there was a fundamental foundation stone when saying yes, there is the actual need for yet another PSP. Therefore, DIMOCO, a leading payment, and messaging innovator for over 17 years, founded a new entity named DIMOCO Payment Services back in 2016, promising e-commerce merchants to take care of their business.

Ideally, your role and your business is in not “only a job”, but an essential part of your daily life into which a lot of your time, consideration, money, effort and even emotion flows into, reflecting your personality and personal mark. But, even if you would like to, you simply can’t take care of and have control of every aspect 24/7, although you sincerely strive for success. Hence, you need assistance and have to decide on whom to appoint, a partner that you can trust and rely on.

Let’s make it personal

And this is where DIMOCO Payment Services comes in. We pro-actively monitor the overall payment process as well as single transactions, aiming at recommending actions to decrease chargebacks and fraudulent activities and no, we don’t just leave it to computers, we personally take care of your valuable asset!

We strongly believe that it is vital to combine both human knowledge and judgment gathered from our dynamic team of individuals, with monitoring services to achieve the best results.

This means we can protect and alert you if

… a single customer’s spending noticeably exceeds the average transaction amount of your customers base

… a customer behaves noticeably differently compared with your average customer. For example: users in your industry usually sleep at 3 a.m., it is not the average user.

… there is a mismatch in the customer´s credentials. For example:  an in Austria registered credit card is combined with a Maltese IP and a German billing address.

… a customer uses details known for a higher risk or uses details proven fraudulent from a different case (e.g. already blacklisted)

Why bother with these details? Well, at the end of the day, job satisfaction aside, we are in to make money. And our promise implies that we together can reduce fraudulent activities by up to 70 percent, while at the same time false-positives can be reduced by 30 percent.

The simplified outcome is we protect your revenue from a possible loss of up to 70 percent and we together have the chance to increase revenue up to 30 percent. By deciding on how much risk you would like to take, defining your risk-appetite through set the Risk-/Fraud-rules, you are able to approve/decline/review according to your own desire, whilst we – the DIMOCO team, not the computer, are here to advise and recommend a suitable strategy.

And this is my, our promise. The DIMOCO Payment Services team and I are keen to support e-commerce merchants, taking care of all payment related topics, enabling you to focus on your core business. A personal promise made by a real person.


A good idea starts with a good conversation:


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Head, Corporate Communications
DIMOCO Payments

Tel: +43 1 33 66 888-2059