3D Secure 2.0 – what it really means

The future of secure payments / Q&As Surely you have heard about the requirements associated with the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2). One element of PSD2, strong customer authentication (SCA), will also affect every participant of a payment within an e-commerce environment. Something serious and relevant? Yes, but adherence to PSD2 and 3D Secure 2.0 is […]

Guest blog Gerald Gruber: receiving a card payments acquiring license might seem a rather unspectacular thing, but if one looks a bit deeper it might also be an indicator for the beginning of an exciting journey

DIMOCO Payment Services receives scheme licenses to acquire card transactions – so what? There’s no shortage of so-called card acquirers for merchants, off- and on-line, one might think. More than 375 are active in Europe alone [1], and they come in many different flavors and sizes – some are traditional retail banks, some are more […]

RCS – the future is now

Ahead of the current: experience how DIMOCO combines RCS and additional features, such as payment    Born in 2007, the rich communications service (RCS) movement seemed to peter out at various stages throughout the last years, but thanks to recent events, Google’s purchase of Jibe, the release of UP2.0, Samsung’s aggressive RCS moves and MNOs […]

ÖPNV-Tickets komfortabel über die Mobilfunkrechnung bezahlen

ÖPNV-Tickets komfortabel über die Mobilfunkrechnung bezahlen Die meisten Kunden von Mobilfunkunternehmen können Tickets über die Handy-Rechnung bzw. das vorhandene Prepaid-Guthaben bezahlen sofern ihnen diese Bezahloption in der App angeboten wird. Damit steht die mobile Bezahlmethode Carrier Billing – im Vergleich zu allen anderen Bezahlmethoden wie z.B. Kreditkarte, Apple Pay, Google Pay. – einem Großteil aller […]

How DIMOCO Payment Services can help CBD and Hemp eMerchants expand their markets

The online CBD market in Europe has seen a tremendous rise in the last few years. Following the steadily growing amount of customers demanding CBD and hemp products, more and more start-ups as well as established eRetailers hunt for an online presence offering such products to power their business. Although CBD is legal under a […]

Guest blog Bernd Fletzberger: Enabling EU carriers to charge physical goods under PSD2

How it is possible for carriers to settle a payment transaction of physical goods via direct carrier billing?How can merchants, for example vending machine providers across Europe, settle a payment transaction of physical goods via direct carrier billing (DCB), enabling customers to pay snacks or beverages conveniently and quickly with their mobile phones?   As […]

How to enable businesses successfully coping with Fraud and Risk Management challenges

DIMOCO Payment Services spotlights the most common challenges regarding fraud and risk management that industries like retailers, banks and FinTech, data-quality businesses and marketplaces are faced with and gives insights on how these industries can cope with the actual challenges on a professional level. Fraud and Risk Management Challenges for Retailers   Online merchants are expected to provide a […]

3 common types of Visa chargebacks and how to reduce these

On the 15 April 2018, Visa rolled out new chargeback rules. This is a good opportunity to focus our attention on chargebacks in general. A chargeback is a powerful tool for end-customers and is ultimately a form of customer protection. This flexibility for end-customers might appear to be lost on merchants; however, satisfied customers are […]

The smart Direct Carrier Billing opportunity beyond the mobile

As seen on TV – Direct Carrier Billing goes beyond the mobile Direct carrier billing (DCB) is traditionally and primarily associated with billing both digital and recently physical content through mobile phones. This, of course, has its reason as the number of mobile users is predicted to reach 4.77 billion by the end of 2017, […]